About us

Intelligent solutions for industry—with experience and know-how.

There are things you can't buy. For example faith.

IKB Industrieplanung GmbH was founded in 1979 by Klaus-Peter Bergerhoff. Since this time, with a lot of successful projects, we gained something very valuable: the faith of our costumers. They appreciate our professionalism, our fairness and the principles of our company, which makes the difference to most of our competitors.

We don't just make big plans. We put them into action.

On request we completely implement all projects, which we develop and plan. IKB finds the specialised suppliers and guarantees for an exact coordination, with smooth transitions at the interfaces. In addition we control all works, costs and appointments. This professional project management is completed by a full documentation and a fair aftersales-service.

SAFETY & EFFICIENCY for your building projects

  • More flexibility

    Our team consists of 10 engineers. We deliberately decided to keep such a compact structure. The success we have since years justifies this decision.

  • More service

    One partner: full service mechanical engineering, automatisation and architecture, statics and economics. Your personal contact is in each phase of the project side by side with you.

  • More experience

    Everybody in the IKB staff has experiences in practice—partly in managerial post. Beside their professional experience they have something you can't learn at school: a keen sense of each of your projects.

IKB clients

  • Akzo Nobel
  • Aurora
  • Bayernland
  • Cosumar
  • Cristal Union
  • Danisco
  • Degussa
  • Diamant
  • Ebro
  • Eismann
  • Erbacher
  • Goldpuder
  • Iglo
  • Imperial Sugar
  • Josera
  • Kempffmeyer Mühlen
  • Kröner-Stärke
  • Kukident
  • Langnese
  • Mühle Quirin
  • Nordzucker
  • Pfeifer & Langen
  • Phyto-Biotics
  • Plange
  • Reckitt-Benckiser
  • Saargummi
  • Saint Louis Sucre
  • Schönox
  • Südzucker
  • Union-Zucker
  • VK Mühlen