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New Packaging Centre


Our task

Planning and realization of a new sieving- and packaging station.
The planning services consist of: preliminary construction planning, system planning and project supervision during the construction phase.

For capacity increase, expansion of the production and for flexibility increase at the market a new packaging centre was erected at the sugar factory OAG Sluzk, Belarus:

Time Schedule

• Preliminary planning: 02.2010 – 05.2010
• Detail planning and building construction: 09.2010 – 11.2011
• Execution of construction work: 11.2011 – 12.2013

General view of the building object in the planning. Dimensions (W × D × H): 30 m × 36,5 m × 39 m:

General view of the building object in the planning


Quantity of trades: 8

Separated in:

• Building (incl. new conveyor bridge and TGA)
• Conveying Technique
• Sieving Machine
• Silos (Fraction silos and machine silos)
• Packaging Machine 1 kg (incl. bundle packer)
• Cube sugar line
• Palletizing (incl. pallet transport and wrapper)
• Dedusting (Conveyor route- and floor dedusting)

Building design without facade:

Building design without facade

The packaging centre is subdivided into the following areas:

Sieving station: Sieving of the sugar into different fractions.
Packaging area: Packing of the sugar in 1 kg paper bags and Big Bags as well as production and packing of sugar cubes in 0,5 kg and 1 kg packages.
Palletizing: Palletizing of the articles produced in the packaging area, wrapping of finished pallets and handing over to the existing warehouse.

The sugar, conveyed via the new conveyor bridge, is transported in the sieving station via a bucket elevator to the sieving machine on level +35 m. The here sieved fractions are stored temporarily in the underneath positioned fraction silos. The discharge technique underneath the fraction silos transports the sugar to the packaging machines.

After packaging the sugar on level +6,0 m the different articles are transported to the palletizing, which is positioned on the lowest level of the building. Here the palletizing as well as the following wrapping of the finished pallets is carried out. The finished packed and palletized product is then brought to the warehouse.

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