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Sugar Silo 60.000 t


Our task

Planning and realization of a new 60.000 t sugar silo.
The planning services consist of: preliminary building planning, system planning, logistic and project supervision/monitoring during the construction phase.

For capacity increase and flexibility increase on the market the following new buildings were erected at the sugar factory in Kaposvar/Hungary:

• Sugar Silo 60.000 t in Dome-Silo-construction design
• Building for the technical equipment of the silo
• Two new conveyor bridges from the existing and back to the existing

General view of the building object in the planning (Silo dimensions: Ø 60,4 m × 45,1 m high):

General view of the building object in planning

Via the new erected upper conveyor bridge the sugar is transported via a trough belt conveyor to the actual silo body and here stored and conditioned.

The discharge of the sugar into the silo is carried out via a rotating filling belt positioned in the silo dome house. This belt discharges via an insertion slot at the outer edge of the silo dome into the silo body.

Section drawing of the new silo:

Section drawing of the new silo

The discharge of the sugar is carried out gravimetrically onto a trough belt conveyor in the silo basement via 18 discharge hoppers, embedded in the silo floor.

The residual discharge of the silo is guaranteed via a residue-emptying-screw conveyor in the inside of the silo and another hopper in the middle of the silo floor. The discharged sugar is transported via the cellar-trough-belt conveyor in direction to the new technical building and here conveyed onto a trough-belt-conveyor in the lower conveyor bridge via a bucket elevator. From here further transport of the sugar is carried out into the existing packaging.

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